A picture of Shannon.

Shannon Riojas:

Shannon Riojas is a musician, composer, computer enthusiast, database administrator, and all around generalist. Look to this site for future examples of his compositions and more importantly: Voice Acting demos. Enjoy the site.

To contact Shannon please send an email to:

A picture of Courtney.

Courtney Riojas Lambert:

Courtney Lambert, daughter of Shannon Riojas, is a writer, amateur webpage designer, artist, seamstress, amateur photographer, and dabbler in various hobbies. Here, you can see some of her writing, artwork, webpage design, and other interests here or on her site Nova Albion! She just got married to the love of her life in August 2021!

To contact Courtney about anything on the website, including any issues, bugs, or references, please use her email/s: